Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ruffle Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway!

Well I promised last night (or this morning!) that I would post the tutorial for the ruffled scarf that I made. Let me warn's a little bit rusty. I have a terrible, terrible camera, hence, the bad pictures! So, let's jump right in!
To get started you are going to need 2 yards of fabric. This will be plenty to make two scarves, but because you need such a long strip of fabric, you have to buy two yards.
For this scarf I used 100% cotton weight fabric.
1. Cut two strips of fabric 6.5"x 68" and 12 strips of fabric 4"x15"
2. Start with the two long strips and place right sides together and stitch a half inch seam down each long side. Do not sew the ends together.
3. Once you have sewn the sides, go back and either surge or zig-zap the raw edges of the long sides.
4. Turn this long "tube" right side out. 
5. Iron the "tube" flat, making sure the seams are on the edge. Place the tube to the side for now.
6. Now, take four of the smaller pieces of fabric (these are the first ruffle of each end). Place right sides together and sew around three sides, two small, one long, leaving one long open. Go back and finish off the edges of the three side that you just have sewn.
7. Turn right side out and use something to create sharp corners.
8. Iron the ruffles 
9. Top stitch only around the three sides, leaving the top long edge open still.
10. Zig-zag the top edge closed.
11. Now, do a basting stitch a half inch below your zig-zag stitch.
12. Pull your basting stitches to create a gather at the top edge of the ruffle. Keep pulling until the ruffles are the same width of the tube of fabric.
13. A trick to keep your basting stitches from coming out is to place a pin at each end of the basting and once your ruffle is at the desired length, place a pin and wrap your basting thread tails around the pin.
14. Now, open each end of the tube and fold under 3/4ths inch and press.
15. Open the end of the tube and insert the zig-zag edge of the ruffle up into the tube until your basting stitches are not showing anymore.
16. Make sure the ruffle fits nice and perfect. 
17.Pin your ruffles in place and top stitch all the way around the scarf, being sure to catch both sides of the ruffle at both short ends.  
18. Now, we are going to create the last four ruffles (two for each end). Place right sides together and sew around the ruffles leaving a two inch opening for turning right side out.
19. Be sure to clip your corners before turning.
20. Once turned, press, top stitch around the ruffle, on one short side, along the long side with the opening hole (this top stitching will close that hole) and up the other short side. Then, run a basting stitch along the un-top stitched side of the ruffle.
21. Now, measure up an inch and a half on each side of the scarf and place a pin on either side. Then measure up another inch and a half from that point and put two more pins.
22. Pull your basting threads until the ruffle is the same width as the scarf. Pin in place. Once pinned, sew across that top length of the ruffle to attach it to the scarf. Pull out your basting stitches.
Add all of the remaining ruffles. (There will a total of three ruffles on each side)
**Be sure to put the ruffles on the same side, but different ends, of the scarf!**
23. Run the iron over the scarf to give it a polished look.
24. Ta-da! Your new ruffle scarf is done!

Super fun and super cute! I hope you have fun making this scarf!
But, just in case you don't want to make this scarf, but would rather WIN this scarf - then you are in luck!! I am going to give this scarf away! Yippie!
So, to enter to win, this is what you gotta do!
1. Leave a comment that you agree that I need a new camera!
2. Become a follower of my new blog, and leave a comment telling me so.
3. Link this page up to your Facebook page and then, leave me another comment telling me so.
That's it. You have three chances to win this scarf!
I will leave this giveaway open for one week, so I will announce the winner next Thursday (11/15/12) before noon.
Sorry, but I can only mail to U.S. residents only!
Good Luck!


  1. Hahaha ... ok, so you need a NEW camera !

  2. Wow Irene- what a fun new blog! I'm excited to see what you're going to post! And if you get a new camera, I want one too! I agree it would help immensely in the creation of great images! :)

  3. Shared on facebook. Irene- the scarf is gorgeous- you are amazing and the shop is BEAUTIFUL!!! Best of luck in everything!

  4. wow! you are good. So glad I found you :) yes you do need a new camera lol

  5. shared the link to my fb :) can't wait for my friends to see it :) thank you!!

  6. I think your camera works fine lol... Maybe that's b/c mine works the same way : ) New follower. Found you through crafty-girls-workshop.

    I added you to my FB profile!

  7. Love the scarf, your work is amazing! I think your camera is fine, but hope you get that new one you want.

    Davonna Dicks

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  9. I shared your link!

    Davonna Dicks

  10. I hope you get a new camera. (I need one, too.) That scarf is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I'm a new follower. Thanks for the extra chance to win.